TERMS & CONDITIONS – The Client is the Product master for all the development works, The clients of VM AFFLUENCE are also responsible  for the timely deliverable of the product, So all clients are requested to provide the necessary contents or review comments as soon as possible. Any delay from the client end or repeated delay to provide the review comments will not be accepted. No refund of payment will be done from VM AFFLUENCE, at any situations for any services provided by VM AFFLUENCE to the clients, whether it is Websites, Web Application, Desktop Application, Mobile Application or Digital Marketing Works. The Free Maintenance if only for adding the contents or changing of the contents to the website. The Free Maintenance for one year which is actually 12 months from the date of the development of the product is actually one time per month. The clients can be allowed to change the contents once per month. Any additional changes in the same month would be at a costing which is agreed by both VM AFFLUENCE and the client. On the Completion of the Product development before the product is handed over to the customer, the customer can ask for 2 times of review changes before the website goes live. Any support related maintenance issues or adding the contents to the site should be followed by sending a mail to vmsupport@vmaffluence.com, Clients are requested to maintain the backup provided by VM AFFLUENCE twice a month(if the changes are made in the website) very carefully. Any of the server crash would lead to asking the backup sent to the client. Any loss of the backup sent to the client is not held responsible by VM AFFLUENCE. The clients are requested to make on time payment to prevent the slow down of the project progress. The timelines of every project would vary depending on the various factors such as contents, functionality, technicality Etc. The clients are requested to have a clear mail conversation with VM AFFLUENCE and also work together to complete the project on time.