VM AFFLUENCE – Recruitments

Executive Hiring

VM AFFLUENCE exclusively focuses on helping companies hire for entry-level positions – efficiently and successfully. We have built one college recruiting program on behalf of all of our clients, which encompasses more than 900 colleges across the globe. In addition, VM AFFLUENCE  has an aggressive online recruiting strategy, all targeted at the Millennial demographic. We screen and interview hundreds of recent college graduates every week to discover candidates’ strengths and transferable skills. Our goal is to streamline the hiring process and present you with two to three candidates who are ideally suited for each entry-level position.

Manager Hiring

We are experts in recruiting executive finance jobs, general management Managers, strategic Managers , policy Managers and project managers. We meet with more Candidates, offer better matches for the companies and enable talented senior management and board directors to be the part of the organization. Our consultative approach and ability to assess when to approach you with a suitable opportunity has earned us a reputation for discretion and sound judgment. It’s also why we get results for the people who place their career in our hands. Our consultants would be delighted to discuss in confidence how we could help you find your organization best resources.

Leadership Hiring

We are experts in Business Structure and Board Building. We have Qualified Industry Experts. We work with Innovative Strategies, Quality Conscious, Complete knowledge about client business that improves Innovative Model, Cost Effective Solutions

C-Suite Hiring

Hiring at the CEO and C-suite level involves significant risk. The value at stake and the potential losses associated with a “wrong” hire can run in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Many CEO and C-suite searches either fail or produce less than optimal results. Selecting the “right” candidate at this level in the organization is a challenging, if not nearly impossible, scenario. The job of the hiring executive is two-fold: to develop a staffing plan that recognizes the organization’s needs and maximizes the new hire’s success, and to identify the sources and nature of the pros and cons of each candidate.