VM AFFLUENCE – Marketing

Manual Marketing such as • Newspaper Advertisements, • Radio Advertisements, • Corporate Company Visits, • Brochure / Pamphlets distribution, • Organizing events, • Television Advertisement, • Reference Marketing Etc.

Digital Marketing Strategies:

• Manual Social Media Marketings using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Slideshare, Creating 5 posts everyday and sharing it across every groups in the Social Media.

• Attracting people by providing the offers in the Manual Social Media Marketing.

• Paid Social Media Marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google Adwords.

• Spending appropriate amount of money every week and analyzing the final leads vs Prospects on the money spent.

• Mobile Ads marketing

• Providing Advertisements in the Online Newspaper such as Times Of India, Economic Times and many more.

• Providing Advertisements in Skype.

• Email Marketing and SMS Marketing – Every day Mails sent to minimum of 1000 Customers – Database acquired from sources such as Shine.com & Monster on the salaried people.